has moved to Words Read and Written


Please update all bookmarks.

If you are currently signed up for email alerts when this blog updates, you will need to sign up again at the new domain.

Thanks all!

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  1. gamerboy2011 says:

    I must say you have liked a lot of my blogs, I do thank you for the likes and such. I’ve read a lot of what you have and must say you are just as astounding as any of my other followers, I’m happy to have you as one.


  2. I checked out your new blog. Doesn’t seem to be a “like” button or space to leave a reply without leaving and e-mail address?


  3. pennma05 says:

    I just wanted to let you know I nominated your new blog Words Read and Written for the One Lovely Blog Award. For some reason I couldn’t log in through the website or I would have posted this there. You can check out my post here:


  4. Henny says:

    Thanks Buddy…..


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